To book a tattoo, send an email to:
Subject: (your city/country)
*seperate email for each city/country you want an alert for!
Your email will be filed away under that city, and if I come there I will respond to everyone in that email list.

I'm based in Toronto
& typically I book only a month ahead of myself. 

Most of my booking is done in person with people I already tattoo, but I take on new clients all the time. Sometimes I’ll pluck you out of the emails (submitted as above, subject: Toronto) based on project, and honestly, email vibe, and sometimes I’ll reach out to the whole Toronto email list and go from there.

(side note to my literal friends: none of this applies to you, text me idiot)


My priority is always building on existing work.

This way of booking has been a better pace for me personally, but also just makes most sense for the direction I want my work to go as well. I like working with what you already have. I like helping people grow out their collection, overlap it, give new life to pieces you don’t like anymore or areas that are bugging you, I like working with clients to bring it all together.

Collage baby.

I’ve always been composition obsessed. If we’ve tattooed, you know. The time I spend on placement & stencilling is often equal to, sometimes even greater than the actual time spent tattooing. Booking fewer people in allows me to spend more time on this process with each of you.

If you are interested in this kind of session, attach a pic in your email of the area you want to add to / need help with, and/or what kind of imagery/style of mine you like.


I rarely ever take on custom drawing, especially as a first session together. Definitely more open to it for larger projects & working it into ongoing ‘collage’ projects. Just talk to me about it in person.

My text work is usually custom (I do have some pre-made ones in my book as well) so if you're interested in that work, inclue in your email;

-possibilities of what you want it to say
-which style (attach pic)
-where on your body you want it (attach a pic if there are other tattoos in/near the area)